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Online Resources


On this page you will find links to many media and other resources in the church.


Local Resources

Covert SDA Church

We stream the Sabbath School and Divine Service every Sabbath, following the schedule listed above, as well as the Monday evening service, on the Facebook CovertSDA page.


This is Dan and Rose Augsburger's ministry website. There are more than 600 pages on this site.


Denominational Organizations

General Conference of SDA (Parent Organization for entire denomination)

Michigan Conference of SDA (Local Conference)


Bible and Bible Prophecy

Amazing Facts - Doug Bachelor (California)

This ministry puts out many many resources worth watching and studying.

Breath of Life Television Ministries - Carlton Byrd (Alabama)

It Is Written - John Bradshaw (Tennessee)

Power of the Lamb Ministries - Ivor Myers (California)

Secrets Unsealed - Stephen Bohr (California)

Voice of Prophecy - Shawn Boonstra (Colorado) (Bible Study link) (Children's Program)

White Horse Media - Steven Wohlberg (Idaho)

This ministry is excellent on Bible prophecy.



Audio Verse

This site has the largest collection of SDA sermons on the internet I am guessing.

Beyond Patmos

This is a large video site based in Australia that provides many many videos of SDA sermons.


Training Videos

Rightly Trained

From the creators of Beyond Patmos, this is a fantastic site for training videos.


Video Ministries

Three Angels Broadcasting

Hope Channel (US)


Health Ministries

Northern Lights Health Education

Weimar Institute (Weimar College) (YouTube)

Wildwood Institute

Uchee Pines Institute (one of the largest collections of natural health information)


Children's Ministries

Discovery Mountain (Children's Programing)

Your Story Hour