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Adult Sabbath School Resources



Every Sabbath our church has a wonderful adult study of the Bible taught by one of our members. We follow a quarterly that we have hopefully studied during the week so that we are prepared to participate. 



Current Quarterlies

Quarterlies are available in a variety of regular and large print formats. There are four main editions: Standard, Teacher's, Easy Reading, and Spanish.

Our church provides printed standard edition quarterlies for our members. A few larger print copies are given to individuals needing larger print. Members can also purchase quarterlies from an Adventist Book Center.

Some members prefer to have their lesson books on their phone or other electronic device, and can download them from a variety of web sites, including the following official one:

Adult Sabbath School Quarterlies


Archived Quarterlies

You can also download quarterlies from the past, starting with the quarterly published in 1905.


Sabbath School Quarterly Archive