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Ministry to children is is conducted in the home and at church. In the home, it takes the form of precept, example and ongoing family worships. In the church, ministry to children especially includes the weekly Sabbath School, but also includes Vacation Bible Schools and Summer Camps

There are resources available for both settings, and we encourage our members to avail themselves of these resources if they have children, or if they have grandchildren that would be blessed by them.

Because the home is the primary setting where ministry to children takes place, we have listed the home resources first.


Learn How to Raise Children

We have wonderful books on the subject of raising children. We highly recommend two books by Ellen White: Adventist Home and Child Guidance. Both of them are wonderful and give tips that you won't find anywhere else. The approach taken is very gentle, but oh so effective. You can find these books online or you can purchase a copy for yourself.

Adventist Home  PDF  EPUB

Child Guidance  PDF  EPUB


A Sample of Mrs. White's Teaching on Raising Children

"To the mother is entrusted an important part in the training of her children. But all the responsibility does not rest on her. Father and mother should unite in this great work. The husband should show his wife that he appreciates her. If he wishes to keep her fresh and gladsome, so that she will be as sunshine in the home, let him help her to bear her burdens. {Ms2-1903.15} Parents, make home happy for your children. By this I do not mean that you are to indulge them. The more they are indulged, the harder they will be to manage, and the more difficult it will be for them to live true, noble lives when they go out into the world. If you allow them to do as they please, their purity and loveliness of character will quickly fade. Teach them to obey. Let them see that your authority must be respected. This may seem to bring them a little unhappiness now, but it will save them from much unhappiness in the future. Let the home government be just and tender, full of love and compassion, yet firm and true. Do not permit one disrespectful word or disobedient act. {Ms2-1903.16} Do not become impatient with your children when they err. When you correct them, do not speak abruptly and harshly. This confuses them, making them afraid to tell the truth. Remember that in them you are meeting your own traits of character—traits that you have given them. Therefore be very kind, very compassionate, very careful to do nothing that will arouse the worst passions of the human heart. Be so calm, so free from anger, that they will be convinced that you love them, even though you punish them. {Ms2-1903.17}


Home Resources

The following are highly recommended family-oriented resources.

Kids Bible Info

This site is run by the Voice of Prophecy and provides many excellent Seventh-day Adventist resources for children.

Kids Bible Info

Young Disciple

This is an excellent and much appreciated resource that is used at home and for some church-based Sabbath Schools. Young Disciple is solidly Seventh-day Adventist, is highly recommended, and will be a blessing. Young Disciple also runs a wonderful summer camp program.

Young Disciple

My Bible First

My Bible First produces resources to help parents and churches capture the interest of children and youth, help these young people give their hearts to Jesus, and help them learn to love and know the Bible. Age-appropriate curriculum is available for every age group starting with children under 3.

My Bible First


Sabbath School Quarterlies

There are a variety of age-based Sabbath School resources for children. The following link will take you to these resources

Grace Link


Summer Camps

Summer camps are a highlight of the summer for many children. Offered in virtually every conference in the United States, and in many foreign conferences, children have fun and come to know Jesus in these camps. Presently, the staff are busy making plans for the 2020 summer camp season to go forward as scheduled, making adjustments to minimize the risk to keep our campers safe under the current pandemic. That being said, monitoring and evaluating the current COVID-19 situation is ongoing with the state of Michigan and the Michigan Conference administration. Click on this link to learn more:

Camp Au Sable


Character-Building Story Resources

Your Story Hour

Your Story Hour is a radio ministry started by church members more than 70 years ago. Featuring dramatized stories of the Bible and character-building stories from history and every day life, the program can be heard on hundreds of stations around the world, in English, Spanish and Russian. The stories are wonderful and you will find your children spending hours happily listening to the stories—you will be listening with them as well! Locally Your Story Hour can be heard on WAUS (90.7 FM) at 7:30 PM Friday evenings, and 7:30 AM Sabbath mornings. You can download some free stories from Your Story Hour's website. You can also buy albums of stories from them. Click the following link to visit their website.

Your Story Hour